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How to Register

To register for Harvard Extension School courses, students must submit completed registration forms along with full payment, including one nonrefundable $35 registration fee per term, to the Student Financial Services Office by the registration deadlines printed in this catalogue. Tuitions are listed in the catalogue course descriptions. Students may register by mail or fax (credit card payment only); or they may drop their forms and payments in the 24-hour registration box at 51 Brattle Street. Students who fax their forms should not mail their originals, as this could result in additional credit card charges, nor should they fax duplicate copies of the same form. The Extension School is not responsible for forms that are lost in the mail or over a fax line.

Students will be mailed registration confirmation/payment receipts as soon as their registration forms have been processed. Students who do not receive confirmations within two weeks of the date that they submit their registration forms should call the Registrar's Office. Students are responsible for verifying that the information contained in their confirmations is correct and for informing the Registrar's Office immediately of errors. The confirmations constitute proof of registration, and students are advised to carry them to their classes. In compliance with Harvard University security regulations, students must present their confirmations and photo IDs for admission to certain classrooms in the Science Center, Sackler Museum, and Longwood Medical area. After late registration ends, 53a Church Street is restricted to students in courses with computer accounts who have access cards. Students will be mailed information about obtaining these access cards.

Students should register as early in the registration period as possible, particularly if they intend to register for limited-enrollment courses, courses with computer accounts, or courses that meet in restricted areas. Many limited-enrollment courses close before the start of classes, and students who submit registration forms within two weeks of the start of the term may not receive confirmations and may not have computer accounts by the first class meeting.

The registration and withdrawal deadlines printed in this catalogue are the dates by which materials must be postmarked in the US Mail, faxed to the Student Financial Services Office, or dropped in the 24-hour registration box at 51 Brattle Street. Materials postmarked, faxed, or dropped off on the Saturday or Sunday immediately following a Friday deadline will be accepted for that Friday deadline. Registration and course change forms submitted after the late registration deadline will be returned. Registration forms received before registration begins will be processed on the first day of registration, along with other forms received on that day. Payments received before registration begins will be deposited on receipt. During the first week of classes in each term, nonregistered students may attend open classes. After registration ends, however, only registered and waitlisted students may attend classes. Beginning the second week of each term, attendance monitors will be sent to various courses to ensure that only registered students are attending.

Attending classes, submitting registration forms, and informing instructors of the intent to register do not constitute registering for Extension School courses. Registration is complete only when the registration form and payment have been received and processed in the Student Financial Services Office. Illegible, incomplete, and unsigned forms, and those not accompanied by an acceptable form of full payment may not be processed by the Extension School.

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